Innovative Business Processes and Procedure


People focused operation


Care for the environment


We supply petroleum products in the downstream sector. This cuts across a wide range of industries which includes power, oil and gas, telecommunications, etc.

Asset Evaluation: Vizioe Global Concept Ltd offer total portfolio management to the new operators by undertaking the following:

Facilitating the negotiation of Farming and Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) between the companies and their partners - a relatively new concept in the country at the time.. Facilitating the negotiation of Technical Services Agreements by which the partners would venture to pass on their expertise to the indigenous operators through hands-on and structured training schemes.
Preparation and presentation of Work Programmes and Project management and implementation plans to relevant government agencies.
 Securing operational as well as environmental approvals/permits for various activities for and on-behalf of the Operators.
We hope to participate in;
*Reservoir evaluation and preparation of Field development plans (FDP)
*Evaluation of production options and field development viability studies
*Technical audit of operations and facilities
Partner and Upstream Arrangement
The upstream sector of the oil and gas industry is very often seen as a maze with several complexities especially among the rapidly growing rank of indigenous operators and practitioners. In Nigeria, the sector was opened to indigenous companies in the early 1990s, however, not many of them can boast of independent operations. Similar experiments have been carried out in other countries in the West African sub-region including Angola. Based on our working arrangements with experience in the industry players, we have been assisting this group of companies to structure relationships with credible partners to develop their oil and gas assets while learning the ropes to enable them stand on their feet.
We assist companies to structure partnerships and contribute to putting in place all the required agreements and operating documents including but not limited to the following:

    • farming agreements,
    • Joint Operating Agreements (JOA),
    • Technical Services Agreement (TSA),
    • Crude Handling Agreements (CHA),
    • Crude Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA)