Innovative Business Processes and Procedure


People focused operation


Care for the environment


VIZIOE GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED a one-stop shop, providing clients with necessary support to meet their specific needs and add value to their operations. We have developed a unique approach to assisting our customers to getting a full understanding of the operating environment.
Service providers are assisted in the area of local content and community relation issues including provision of manpower.
The Upstream Industry is the by and large the focus of our operations. We have developed expertise to assist our clients in understanding the complex nature of upstream operations including asset evaluation and management and partner relations for various categories of operators.
Marketing of Assets, Bid packaging, Market Trend Evaluation and Forecast, Country Risk Situation Report and Data Room Evaluation are some of our areas of specialization.
Our Board members, Management staff and investment partners/advisors are well grounded in all aspects of the energy industry. And with our operations extending to other areas of the energy sector, we are well positioned to assist our clients especially in the rapidly expanding Nigerian and West African Petroleum Province.

Innovative Business

Innovative Business Processes and Procedure


People focused

People focused operation

Environmental Care

Care for the environment as well as the communities